Client: Starbucks Role: Designer • Designed custom branded partnership newsletter for Starbucks and PureWow

Client: W Magazine Role: Copywriting for the wobsessions blog

Client: Quaker Role: Writer/Producer • Wrote scripts for example viral videos • Managed casting/shoot schedules/photo shoots/shoots • Managed editing content for social media

Client: P&G Role: Writer/Producer of custom social media platform built exclusively for P&G Beauty’s Spanish-speaking market

Client: Durex Role: Writer/Produced • Managed all copywriting, design and social media initiatives for this Durex campaign

Client: Universal Role: Writer/Producer • Managed all social media coverage of film opening including blog posts and events • Planned “Flash Mob” in downtown Toronto to coincide with wide release

Client: Rogers AT&T Role: Writer/Producer • Wrote scripts for all viral video campaigns • Managed editing and coverage for video shoots, promos and social media content

Client: Panasonic Role: Designer • Created custom branded landing pages for partnered contests for Panasonic, Pinterest and PureWow

Client: Universal Music/ Simple Plan Role: Designer • Designed a custom video player to be shared via social media/email